Alcohol Free Dry Shampoo

Get Salon Quality Alcohol-Free Dry Shampoo

Our alcohol-free dry shampoo is safe and ethical.

At Eco Lab Style Project, we have created an alcohol-free dry shampoo that is vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. This low toxicity and salon-quality product will give your hair a revitalised look without the use of harsh chemicals.

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We provide a clean and safe dry shampoo that has a low impact on the environment. We do this by:

  • Distributing our product in aluminium cans that are made in Australia and are recyclable.

  • Testing our products in our own laboratory and in-house salon.

  • Manufacturing our alcohol-free dry shampoo using renewable resources such as sugar cane.

What Sets Eco Lab Style Project Apart with Our Alcohol-Free Dry Shampoo?

The manufacturing of our natural dry shampoo sets us apart from traditional shampoo formulas.

Our alcohol-free dry shampoo is:

  • Ideal for adding texture and making salon quality up-styles. It is easy to brush out and leaves no product build-up.

  • Suitable for brunette, red or dark coloured hair. It doesn’t leave behind white or flaky residue.

  • Made using Certified Organic Biomass to create a less toxic formula.

Our alcohol-free dry shampoo helps to revitalise dirty or oily hair between washes.

Why You Should Trust Eco Lab Style Project

Our products are made with the majority of naturally derived ingredients to provide you with a safe and eco-friendly product. Every ingredient is strictly tested to ensure it is safe to use, yet still gives you a refreshing look between washes. Contact us to order a clean and safe natural dry shampoo.