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Guilt-Free Grooming with Hair Products Made in Australia

Get salon quality, cruelty-free hair products in Australia. Using cruelty-free products that perform well is now easy to access in Australia. At Eco Lab Style Project, we provide vegan, cruelty-free and ethical hair styling products that give a salon quality and natural finish. Our products revitalise your hair without leaving behind any residue …read more.

Products for Ethical Hair Care

Buy vegan, eco-friendly hair products from Eco Lab Style Project. We are an exciting new Australian brand that launched into the haircare market in 2017, and our goal is to offer uncompromising performance through vegan products to ensure that your purchase is safe for the environment and animals …read more.

Get a High-Performance Hairspray Online With Eco Lab Style Project

We offer vegan-friendly hairspray online. Finding the right hairspray for your hair can be challenging, some hairsprays contain chemicals that do more harm than good. At Eco Lab Style Project, we offer our customers hairspray made from Certified Organic Biomass for a vegan-friendly solution …read more.

Hair Styling Products in Australia

Do you use natural hair products in Australia? For the best selection of natural hair products online, look no further than the excellent choices available through Eco Lab Style Project. We have natural hair care products with incredible benefits for your hair and help you to avoid mistakes that people tend to make when styling their hair …read more.

Hair Styling Products Online in Australia

We have the organic hair products in Australia you need. All kinds of organic products are now widely available as these items have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years. That’s largely because of the increasing emphasis on taking better care of ourselves and our environment. As a result, many people now buy fewer products that …read more.

Where to Find Vegan-Friendly Hair Care Styling Products in Australia

Eco Lab Style Project offers organic vegan hair products in Australia. Many conventional hair care products are not vegan-friendly, meaning that they contain animal products or are made by companies who have no qualms about testing their products on animals. At Eco Lab Style Project, we believe that it’s important to stand up for animal safety – after all, these …read more.

Get Salon Quality Dry Shampoo

Our alcohol-free dry shampoo is safe and ethical. At Eco Lab Style Project, we have created an alcohol-free dry shampoo that is vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. This low toxicity and salon-quality product will give your hair a revitalised look without the use of harsh chemicals …read more.

Hairspray Available Through Eco Lab Style Project

Alcohol-free hairspray is an essential styling product. Hairspray is a necessity when it comes to putting together a perfect hairstyle. The natural hairspray at Eco Lab Style Project is an ideal complement for any hair type and promises to keep your mane in place without any harsh additives …read more.

Call Eco Lab Style Project to Learn More About Organic Hair Products

Certified organic hair products should be part of your daily hair care. Using certified organic hair care products is a significant consideration in the brand that you choose to use for your everyday hairstyle. Our company is proud to offer a line that incorporates specific organic ingredients to help your hair maintain its natural lustre …read more.

Hairspray in Australia by Eco Lab Style Project

Eco Lab Style Project for organic, cruelty-free hairspray in Australia. It’s hard to believe, but even in today’s environmentally-conscious world, animal testing is still a widespread problem. Animal testing is not only unspeakably cruel, but it’s also completely avoidable. That’s why, at Eco Lab Style Project, we simply choose to avoid it. Switching to safer products such as …read more.

Where to Find Dry Shampoo

What you’ll love about our eco-friendly dry shampoo. People are increasingly choosing environmentally friendly dry shampoo and other beauty products for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to practice conservation, protect your health, or have some other reason for seeking out eco-friendly products, you’re making a great choice …read more.

Why You Need Eco-Friendly Hairspray in Your Life

For an eco-friendly hairspray, come to Eco Lab Style Project. Reduce your carbon footprint with one of our vegan and eco-friendly hairsprays; our hair products are designed to be organic and to have as little impact on the environment as possible. At Eco Lab Style Project, you can get a high performing hairspray that is both effective and environmentally …read more.

What Our Dry Shampoo Can Do for You

Here is how you can use Natural Dry Shampoo in Australia. At Eco Lab Style Project, we like informing our customers of what our dry shampoo can do. There is much one can gain from using dry shampoo; it’s a type of shampoo that can reduce hair greasiness without having to use water. It can be used anywhere and can bring out your hair’s natural beauty …read more.

A Natural Hairspray Made in Australia

There is now a natural hairspray made for Australian conditions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve that salon look at home and not worry about how the weather is going to affect your hair? Now you can, with our natural hairspray made here in Australia from Australian ingredients. Eco Lab Style Project has developed a product that offers firm hold and …read more.

An Dry Shampoo Made for Australia

Try an organic dry shampoo made for Australian weather conditions. Using a product made exclusively for Australian weather conditions, by Australians, ensures beautiful hair that is good for you. Eco Lab Style Project has developed a dry shampoo that tackles excess oil and dirt while leaving your hair refreshed for another day …read more.

Why Strong Hold Hairspray is Changing the Game

Enjoy the benefits of Organic Strong Hold Hairspray from Eco Lab Style Project. We are proud of our vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, organic hairspray in Australia. Our hairspray delivers the same benefits as traditional hairsprays while maintaining our brand’s zero carbon footprint standard. We believe in products that are strong and environmentally friendly …read more.

Why Dry Shampoo Should Be in Your Bathroom

This is why vegan dry shampoo can do amazing things for your hair. We are the proud creators and owners of the Eco Lab Style Project. Our goal is to provide incredible hair care that contributes to the protection of the environment while giving you high-quality hair products that work …read more.

Humidity Resistant Hairspray Made in Australia

Get a natural finish with our vegan hairspray for Australia salons. At Eco Lab Style Project, we are Australian owned and create our products in our laboratory. We provide eco-friendly, quality products of a professional standard. Our merchandise is cruelty-free and ethical …read more.