Cruelty Free Hair Products

Guilt-Free Grooming with Cruelty-Free Hair Products Made in Australia

Get salon quality, cruelty-free hair products in Australia.

Using cruelty-free products that perform well is now easy to access in Australia. At Eco Lab Style Project, we provide vegan, cruelty-free and ethical hair styling products that give a salon quality and natural finish. Our products revitalise your hair without leaving behind any residue.

Problems Eco Lab Style Project Addresses

We produce cruelty-free hair styling products that are of salon quality and take into account the following considerations:

  • A Renewable Resource: Our products are made from Certified Organic Biomass that comes from sugar cane grown in Australia. We use this easily accessible renewable resource and use the chemical energy of burnt sugar. This eco-friendly process ensures that we have a zero carbon footprint and that our styling products have no damaging impact on the environment.

  • Non-Toxic: We focus on using organic and sustainable ingredients for our products. The small quantity of synthetic ingredients we use is strictly tested and assessed to ensure they are not carcinogenic or harmful. Our lack of harsh elements makes our product safe for customers to use.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our hair care products, such as our vegan hairspray, are distributed in Australian made aluminium cans that are completely recyclable. This ensures that our packaging is eco-friendly and does not leave a negative impact on our environment.

We are Australian owned, and we test our products in our laboratory and in-house salon in Queensland. We supply and stand by our products confidently and would not provide hair care products that we do not use ourselves.

Tips Regarding Cruelty-Free Hair Care Products

When you purchase cruelty-free hair care products, be sure that you are informed of what you’re buying. Consider these tips when shopping for vegan and ethical hair care:

  • Read the Label: Check the label and read the ingredient list to ensure that you know what the product contains. Cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals will have a certified label such as the Choose Cruelty Free bunny logo.

  • Performs Well: Ensure that the styling product performs as it says it does. Our natural hair products are salon-quality and perform to a high standard which will not leave you disappointed.

  • Shop Independently: When you shop locally and independently, you can do further research into the product you are purchasing. This allows you to contact the manufacturers and ask more questions about their product. You will also be supporting a locally owned business and helping it to grow.

Why Eco Lab Style Project is Cost-Effective

We design and manufacture products with a concentrated formula. Therefore, a small amount of our cruelty-free hair care products provides a significant impact and your supplies last a long time. The use of renewable resources and recyclable canisters to house our products also ensures that there is little to no impact on the environment, meaning that you save on cost and help keep our planet clean and green.

To source hair care products in Australia that are ethical, eco-friendly and high-performing, contact us today.