Organic Dry Shampoo Australia

An Organic Dry Shampoo Made for Australia

Try an organic dry shampoo made for Australian weather conditions.

Using a product made exclusively for Australian weather conditions, by Australians, ensures beautiful hair that is good for you. Eco Lab Style Project has developed a dry shampoo that tackles excess oil and dirt while leaving your hair refreshed for another day.

Problems Organic Dry Shampoo Made in Australia by Eco Lab Style Project Solves

You’re in a hurry and there’s no time to wash and restyle your oily hair.

  • A light even spray distributed through the roots of your hair will absorb excess oil.

  • Using a natural product is not only good for your hair, but your scalp as well.

  • Our dry shampoo doesn’t leave a build-up and does leave your hair light and refreshed.

What Sets Eco Lab Style Project Apart Regarding Organic Dry Shampoo Made in Australia

We have spent years developing and manufacturing products in Australia.

  • We source all materials in our products from Australian farms and manufacturers.

  • We do extensive testing in our labs and never test on animals.

  • We employ alternative energies and technologies in our manufacturing process to protect the environment.

About Eco Lab Style Project

We are committed to producing quality natural products that have little impact on the environment. We strive to offer salons and individuals hair care products that they feel good about using on their hair and in their salons and homes.

Our desire to offer natural products in an environmentally-friendly manner highlights the quality behind everything we do. Contact our friendly team for more information about our dry shampoo, or any of our other products produced in Australia.