Organic Strong Hold Hairspray

Why Organic Strong Hold Hairspray is Changing the Game

Enjoy the benefits of Organic Strong Hold Hairspray from Eco Lab Style Project.

We are proud of our vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, organic hairspray in Australia. Our hairspray delivers the same benefits as traditional hairsprays while maintaining our brand’s zero carbon footprint standard. We believe in products that are strong and environmentally friendly.

What You Can Expect from Eco Lab Style Project’s Organic Strong Hold Hairspray

Here are a few things you can expect when you purchase our high-quality, Organic Hairspray in Australia.

  • A reduced carbon footprint. We make our firm hold Eco Hairspray using organic biomass. Biomass is a renewable resource derived from sugar cane which converts energy from the sun into chemical energy as glucose.

  • High-quality products that actually work. By using the power of eco-friendly biomass, we’ve developed a safe but still powerfully effective product which maintains the high performance standards you expect from regular hairspray.

  • Ethical, effective beauty. Our hairspray is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Benefits of Organic Strong Hold Hairspray from Eco Lab Style Project

Wondering if Eco Lab Style Project organic hairspray is the right option for you? A few factors to consider:

  • Organic alcohol-free hairspray eliminates the dryness caused by the alcohol in regular hairspray as it evaporates and removes the hair’s natural moisture.

  • Our hairspray is lightweight, humidity resistant, and environmentally friendly while still maintaining the firm hold you need from hairspray.

  • Our hairspray has zero carbon footprint. Even the aluminium cans are made in Australia and are 100% recyclable.

Why Organic Strong Hold Hairspray is cost effective

Considering the planet, using organic hairspray not only benefits you but also your children. In the long turn you protect your health and that of the environment. A win-win situation.

Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on our eco-friendly products.