Organic Vegan Hair Products

Where to Find Organic Vegan-Friendly Hair Care Styling Products in Australia

Eco Lab Style Project offers organic vegan hair products in Australia

Many conventional hair care products are not vegan-friendly, meaning that they contain animal products or are made by companies who have no qualms about testing their products on animals. At Eco Lab Style Project, we believe that it’s important to stand up for animal safety – after all, these intelligent and sensitive creatures don’t have a voice. If you agree with us, then you’ll love our vegan-friendly hair products. These products are cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients that do not include animal products. They’re also safe and gentle for your hair and skin.

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Our line of products includes several excellent options that you’ll love if you’re looking for an adventurous brand that aligns with your animal-friendly and planet-friendly values. Some of our organic vegan hair products include:

  • Dry Shampoo. Enjoy an instant refreshing sensation as you absorb excess oil and dirt. Our dry shampoo leaves your hair bouncy and clean between washes for the ultimate convenience.

  • Firm Hold Hairspray. Here’s a true innovation in hairspray – a product that’s lightweight, humidity-resistant, and cruelty-free all at once. Our hairspray is also alcohol-free and features clean-air technology for the ultimate in safety and health.

  • Premium Handmade Candle. Set the mood with our subtle yet seductive candle handmade from soy wax and featuring an organic cotton wick and a blend of natural eucalyptus, bergamot, and vanilla fragrance oils.

  • Premium Oil Diffuser. Fill your home or office with fresh, natural scent when you choose our Premium Oil Diffuser, guaranteed to last at least four months.

Problems Vegan Hair Care Products Address

Why does it matter that our products are vegan-friendly? Here are some good reasons.

  • Healthier hair. Many natural plant-based extracts are great at removing impurities and clarifying the hair and scalp to give you clean, soft, shiny hair.

  • Cruelty-free products. Our vegan products are never tested on animals and are therefore 100% cruelty-free.

  • A modern, minimalistic approach to beauty. By keeping it simple and buying only the products you need, you minimise waste and help protect the planet as well as the animal population.

  • No animal-derived ingredients. You won’t find any collagen, beeswax, honey, gelatine, carmine, or cholesterol in our products – not any harsh chemicals.

At Eco Lab Style Project, we take your health, animal rights, and environmental responsibility seriously. If you’re looking to shop more thoughtfully, shop with us.

What You Could Lose by Not Using Eco Lab Style Project

Are you looking for vegan hair styling products in Australia? Eco Lab Style Project has you covered. We are an exciting new company with an eye for safe, natural, and effective beauty products. We place a strong focus on ethics as well as quality, and we believe we’ve accomplished both with no compromises in either area. We never use any carcinogenic or otherwise harmful ingredients, and we never include anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. For salon-quality products with an ethical twist, contact us today.