Vegan Hairspray Australia

Humidity Resistant Vegan Hairspray Made in Australia

Get a natural finish with our vegan hairspray for Australia salons.

At Eco Lab Style Project, we are Australian owned and create our products in our laboratory. We provide eco-friendly, quality products of a professional standard. Our merchandise is cruelty-free and ethical.

What You Can Expect from Eco Lab Style Project Regarding Vegan Hairspray

We manufacture our vegan hairspray in Australia and use it at our in-house salon. You can expect our hairspray to:

  • Be made from certified organic biomass which is ecological and a renewable resource.

  • Not contain harmful or carcinogenic ingredients. We carefully examine the small amounts of synthetic ingredients to ensure they are safe to use.

  • Perform well. It is lightweight and humidity-resistant while providing a firm hold for different hair types.

Benefits of Vegan Hairspray Use in Australia

Our vegan hairspray for Australian individuals gives a professional light finish. Benefits of our hairspray include:

  • It is an effective spray that is ideal for use when doing up-styles.

  • It is ideal for adding texture and can easily be brushed out if necessary.

  • There is no product build-up or white residue left behind after use.

Why Purchasing from Eco Lab Style Project is Cost-Effective?

Our concentrated vegan formulas ensure that a little goes a long way. We help you to express your style with your hair in a fun and sustainable way without leaving a negative impact on the earth. Our aluminium cans are 100% recyclable. Contact us today to order a high-performing vegan hairspray.